Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pool Party

So this is our daily thing. The kids will hopefully swim until they are tired beyond belief, and then we go home to bed. That's the whole crew on the sofa in the pool house. The 4 amigos on the steps in the pool. Arthur doesn't actually swim with that much equipment but he loves to see what all he can get on at once. Thomas' Maylee adores Reidy. She thinks he's her own personal baby doll. It's a pretty woolly group, but they're fun.

Summer fun

o I realized that I haven't given an update lately on all the craziness that is the Tilley's. We've been hitting the pool almost everyday, so I haven't had the laptop with me. Arthur, a computer and a pool just shouldn't all get together is my thought.
But we did hit the beach with the whole family ( and yes it's like a mafia), for a week of fun. So here are my beautiful boys ready to hit the beach for some surf and sand. And Reidy-poo's face says exactly how much fun he was having. Most nights we would cook and take the food outside to the tables and ate together and hung out while the kids played. it was really great. The place we stayed had a lazy river and all the kids loved it. It really turned out to be a great week. It definitely beat last year with me, and no husband, with two kids to entertain and very preggers with twins.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Courtney gave me her recipe for chocolate buttercreme icing. How delicious! So for my great-aunt's b-day I just had to have it, so she got the vine cake. Last night I had my graduation from course 2. The finale is the flower basket cake. I thought I did pretty good. The basket weave is complicated but not hard once you get the hang of it and the flowers are all Royal icing I had piped earlier. Course 3 starts Monday. We'll see if I can master fondant and tiered cakes. Wish me luck!
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So summer's here which means school's over. Personally I'm overjoyed to not have to hit the road with 3 kids by 7:30 each morning, but I'm not ready to be home with them all of them all day either. Arthur "Graduated" from the 2's preschool group and Tyler allowed me to experience the joy of field day with him. (he just caught a water balloon.) He was so proud that he got the teacher at the dunkin' booth. He's got a pretty good arm.
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Thank You!

On the 2nd, my sweet boys were 6months old. What angels they are. Dallin in the literal sense and Reid is the best baby I've ever seen . He's grown so quickly. You'd never know by looking at him that he was a preemie. How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father for the both of them. Every time I hold Reid in my arms, I count my blessings. To be a member of the church and to know that I have the opportunity to raise Reid now and the blessing to one day raise Dallin, means more to me than words can express. So I take this moment to Thank my Heavenly Father for the amazing gifts he's given me.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I went on a field trip to a butterfly farm. I didn't even know you could farm Butterflies. :) Actually it was pretty neat. A girl gave us a spiel all about their anatomy,(did you know their ears are on their knees?), and their life cycle. Then we went into the butterfly hut and all the kids got little pads soaked with sugar water. The butterflies love it and so they landed on the kids hands. It was pretty cool and Tyler really got a kick out of it.

I work for NASA!

I was looking through some old
pics and this is what I found.
Do you think there's a family resemblance? Personally I think I'm an undercover agent for NASA, working in the cloning dept. I mean really, could Arthur and Reid look anymore alike at the same age?!